1 June 2009

Dr. K.Gyasi presents B.B.Ossei with The Nobel Kings Dance Band - Yako Aba

Dr. K.Gyasi presents B.B.Ossei
with The Nobel Kings Dance Band
- Yako Aba

(vinyl rip)

A1 Yako Aba
A2 Ogya (Fire)
A3 Berlin Is Berlin
B1 Antoakyire
B2 Asante Kotoko
B3 Creation Of The World (The Bible part1)
B4 True Love




icastico said...

Highlifes and complexes...wow.

Welcome back.

YARG said...

pass is afroslabs.blogspot.com

...greetings my friend ... back indeed, cheers ... i particularly like track A1 on this on (if my memory serves me) ;)

icastico said...

That's a good one for sure.

ReeBee said...


Anonymous said...

Wow thanks man,

Track1 is a burner!!!

greets from Germany

BlueBird said...


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flux_is_krux said...

Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!

Aduet said...

This link is dead. Please resuscitate.

david said...

Thanks for this wonderful LP from K Gyasi. This is different from his usual highlife, but nevertheless beautiful.

The style is reminiscent of that of the London based Osibisa.

Faisal Aridoss said...

Hello... guess i made a late arrival and sadly i cant download this now from the given address i would appreciate it if you can guide me to another link .