24 June 2009

Ngwashi N'Timbo - Banganga Ya Moyindo

Ngwashi N'Timbo -
Banganga Ya Moyindo

(vinyl rip)

A1 Banganga Ya Moyindo
A2 Lembi
A3 Zala Serieuse
B1 Pneu Reserve
B2 Moto Ya Train




icastico said...

A quite nice one. Thanks as always.

Anonymous said...

Nguashi N'Timbo's single Manguta was one of my first singles I bought in Africa (Goma, Zaire) - I had to wait for week until I came back to Europe to clean the vinyl and finally to listen to: it was w o n d e r f u l! And it's still one of my favorite songs. My copy was featured on one of Matsulis "African Serenade" series.

He was also the composer of "Shauri yako" one of Mbilia Bels greatest hits with Tabu Ley.

Thank you for sharing this. I never expected to listen to the album. Now I hope to find more by him.


YARG said...

greetings! no worries ... thanks for your input -- i'll try & find some more for you...

peace ;)

jean lafite said...

hey yarg- this guy is GOOD. thanks

YARG said...

indeed he is ;)

MrMozambique said...

This is absolutely fantastic! I've been digging hard for more of his stuff with no success. Thanks a ton!