7 September 2012

cassette tapes for sale...

big greetings!
i cannot believe it has been over 2 years since last time i posted
- life has been busy
--- i will try to get back into ripping some of my huge collection of vinyl & cassettes as soon as possible!

.. in the meantime ...
i have been reorganising my office & have discovered i have duplicates of many LPs & tapes
.. so ..
i am selling over 50 of them on a friend's account on Ebay

most of the cassettes are still Sealed & most are imported from Africa
(& many have not been released outside of Africa on any format!)

most are from Nigeria ... artists like..
I.K. Dairo & his Blue Spot Band
General Prince Adekunle & his Supersonic Sounds
Fela Kuti
General Kollington Ayinla
Sikiru Ayinde Barrister   
Alhaji (Chief) Wasiu Alabi
K1 De Ultimate Olu Omo Of Lagos
King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal 1 (KWAM1)

 Baba Suwe & his Comedy Group (Babs Omidina)

.. & gospel from ..
 Kemi Olorunsogo & Emerald Gospel Singers Int'l
Good Woman Choir C.A.C. Ibadan led by D.A Fasoyin Gbakoso
Cherubim & Seraphim Church Movement
Brother Matthew Adeyemi & Heirs of God Gospel Singers

.. & many others..

from Ghana..
 J.A. Adofo & City Boys   
Agyaaku's Int. Band

 .. & ..

Lemzo Diamono (Senegal)
Tenin Sidibe & Yoro Diallo (Mali)
Amadou Barry (Guinea)

i also have some cds for sale,
& once i take the photos, i will be selling a load of LPs too!

... so click here & go buy yourself some rare cassettes!

 below are a few of the photos...