30 June 2009

Perry Ernest & The Afro Vibrations - Arrival

Perry Ernest & The Afro Vibrations
- Arrival

(1977) (vinyl rip)

A1 Out Of Danger
A2 Jungle Man
A3 Give Me Your Love
B1 Ozioma (Message)
B2 Simple Prayer



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R D said...

Hi Perry. I guess you must be wondering who this is. You came to mind today and I was wondering how you were doing. i hope your fine and doing well. Are you by any chance contact with Caullins and Charlie? If you are give them my sincere love and best wishes. By the way,its R.Doku here. Am on face book. Am still actively involved with music. I guess you must have heard I played lead guitar for Osibisa for a while among other things. I've got a recording studio now as well and busy songwriting/producing. Maybe one day you might want to come over and record! It will be a pleasure to meet up. I hope this message gets to you. If you do happen to meet the guys,please ask them to ccontact me. You will know my face book page,when you see my logo of aa guitar and angel above it. Well bye for now and I am looking forward to hearing from you. Stay Blest! R D