7 January 2010

Ifeanyi Ordor - Back To Highlife

Ifeanyi Ordor - Back To Highlife

(vinyl rip)

A1 I Need You
A2 Tell Lura
B1 Baby Congratulation
B2 Oh My Sweet Angel
B3 A Little Smile




icastico said...

What a gorgeous album cover.

Pablo (yo) said...

Feliz año nuevo!!!!
Happy New Year!!!!
Bonne Année!!!

Pablo from Argentina

Anonymous said...

im a lil slow at this down do do i download this album rip , where do i enter the password is there a username that goes with it sorry for the trouble

thanks James

オテモヤン said...


romy said...

Thank you!

rumbavana said...

señores afroslabs ,quisiera si ello es posible saber la contraseña de algunos albumes que descargue.Les agradezco la atencion y aqui desde el caribe colombiano alas ordenes.
jorge gomez

rumbavana said...

señores afroslabs ,quisiera si ello es posible saber la contraseña de algunos albumes que descargue.Les agradezco la atencion y aqui desde el caribe colombiano alas ordenes.
jorge gomez

grooVemonzter said...

Excellent post. Very interesting to hear Highlife sung in English. Thank you very much. By the way, where did the mushroom go?

DOOM said...

hi my friend ... the mushroom was deleted by blogger - it is being resurrected at http://ylow23.blogspoot.com

peace ;)

Seb said...

Looks like really cool stuff here! I'm new to blogs like this.....How do I go about down loading these albums...Peace

Seb said...

Ha!! It is really cool stuff....figured it out..thank you!!

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tienen excelentes albumes.
me gusta este blog.
saludos desde usa.