4 January 2010

Alhaji (Chief) Kollington Ayinla & his African Fuji '78 Organisation - Alakara Ofe Keni Keji Odin

Alhaji Kollington Ayinla
& his African Fuji '78 Organisation
- Alakara Ofe Keni Keji Odin

(vinyl rip)




madrotter said...


etienne said...

Your blog is excellent. Have used it as a resource for a short post on mine about Fuji music. Also linked you in our favourites. Amazing work!


Africolombia said...

friend you know mi new site,


Please, reemplece in you blog the link Africolombia for this one ,


YARG said...

hey there Fabian .. link changed! peace bro ;)

etienne ... cheers for your kind words .. 'bout time i posted some moe tuneage really! been a real busy month
peace ;)

Anonymous said...

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Conway's Vintage Treasures said...

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Johnny Wayne said...

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant stuff, chief. I've just waited 40-minutes for this album to download, and I am peeved to find out that the .zip is 'empty'. I'll have another go.

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only me said...

you're amazing! you're the only one that consistently rips at 320kb. i appreciate you for it. just wondered who you are tho' and where you're from ... to have such a collection. your profile doesnt say much...

anyway, thank you sooooooooooo much. your blog is FABULOUSSSSSSSSSS. much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for the vinyl rip of the Chief's LP. I realize it's been a while since it was put up, but I just found it, and am greatly enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

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