16 November 2009

Sekouba Fatako - Sabou

Sekouba Fatako - Sabou
(cassette rip)

A1 Mougne
A2 Allah Ko Waloho
A3 Mofina
A4 N'Gbedi
A5 Cherie
A6 Falado
B1 Yondo
B2 Wondete
B3 Weletalan
B4 N'Na
B5 Sabou
B6 Mougne

tracklisting says 6 tracks on side B, but there are only 5!




Upuout said...


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How abaout a Backlink?
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kofi said...

Hello There!

I absolutely love your blogs, there are soo many songs on here but for the life of me i cant figure out how to download them. I followed the link to rapid share, i see your password but what is the username or id? some clarification will help thanks!

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