2 November 2009

Professeur Bylledey Williams Guissey et ses Kinhouandes - Offensive Culturelle vol2

Professeur Bylledey Williams Guissey
et ses Kinhouandes
- Offensive Culturelle vol2

(vinyl rip)

A1 Avlekete
A2 N'Gbekinho
A3 Gbada Kin We
B1 Midjala Houndo
B2 Akoto Non Gbe Die
B3 Mabolo Ye Do




Anonymous said...


I'm amazed at what you you are doing. Incredible nearly extinct music. BUT, I am unable to listen to it. I guess I'm not connecting the dots: you give the pw but the link demands user/pw.

YARG said...

greetings! copy&paste the lix link .. when it opens, click the "continue to rapidshare.com" button .. then follow the instructions to download for free (sorry i can't be more help there, but i have an account, so when i go there it downloads automatically so i don't see the page to know what to do for the free download) .. when you get the rar on your machine, extract using the pass afroslabs.blogspot.com ... hope this helps .. feel free to ask for further assistance ... good luck & enjoy the tunes .. peace ;)

Robert said...

thanks for your help. just downloaded the first, Hilarion Nguema, and listened. nice job on the rip. I wonder what your setup is, turntable, etc. I use a Mac and after many years of thinking about it, am going to connect it to my system to begin ripping my many African lps that will never make it to CD. I have a Rega with a Linn cartridge, and use Amadeus Pro as my sound editor. By the way, I opened the first track of this recording, and used Amadeus' de-noise tool to remove the turntable rumble, without perceptively affecting the sound.

if you want to continue discussion via email, I can be reached at ambrose [at] mtaonline [dot] net. I write from Alaska.

peace, agreed.

Anonymous said...

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