24 September 2009

Mbaraka Mwinshehe & Morogoro Jazz Band - Hallo Betty

Mbaraka Mwinshehe
& Morogoro Jazz Band
- Hallo Betty

(cassette rip)

songs recorded in 1968-69

A1 Jirani Nisaidie
A2 Hallo Betty
A3 Dawa Ya Mapenzi
A4 Niliota Ndoto
A5 Amina Mpenzi
B1 Yameshani Chosha
B2 Taraka
B3 Na Shangaa
B4 Moro Phata Phata
B5 Furaha Ya Saba Saba
B6 Walo Leni Moro




Timothy said...

Cool. Some rare gems! Asante sana. (Thank you very much).

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch, please more stuff from Mbaraka R.I.P.

Ben said...

New at this....the link shown here "http://lix.in/-5c1e54" takes me to a site with 3 options, none of which seems to have the music. Could you kindly post some instructions?


mike said...

sure, on the lix.in site simply hit the 'continue to rapidshare' button.

wait for the free download to initiate and download the zip file

youll have to copy the password to begin the unzip when youve gotten the zipped files

mike, wooster OHIO

Anonymous said...

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AN90 said...

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