22 September 2009

Baaba Maal - Dakar Moon

Baaba Maal - Dakar Moon
(live for Island 50 @ Shepherds Bush Empire, 010609)

high quality!




Rodrigo López "Donny" said...

Hi, great blog. I love african music. I've just began my own blog: http://soulyotrosalimentosdelalma.blogspot.com/ . I hope you like it

NGONI said...

Baaba Maal I think it has an excellent artistic career, all his previous albums are good or very good.

But their last album TELEVISION I think a failed business attempt.

In this concert I regret that I find Baaba pathetic .

ragir said...

Fantastic song! Thanks for the upload. Great to see Baaba doing his thing again. Greetings from Mullumbimby

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