19 February 2009

Sonny Okosun's "Ozziddi" - Fire In Soweto

Sonny Okosuns "Ozziddi"
- Fire In Soweto

(vinyl rip)

A1 Fire In Soweto
A2 Liberation
B1 Steady & Slow
B2 Revolution



YARG said...

pass is ylow.blogspot.com

Hrothgar said...

Fantastic post. I'm currently getting into African music in a much bigger way, currently focusing on Nigeria and your blog is a wonderful introduction to this marvelous music. Thanks very much for your hard work in putting the blog together. I appreciate it very much.

Best wishes from Canada,

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million

rtc said...

disco muito procurado aqui no maranhao brasil adorei as musicas cantor bem elogiado aqui no maranhao

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