21 February 2009

Daniel Owino Misiani and Shirati Band - Benga Blast!

Daniel Owino Misiani
and Shirati Band
- Benga Blast!

(1989) (vinyl rip)

A1 Joshirati Misiani
A2 Safari Ya Tanzania
A3 Wuoro Monono
A4 Dr. J. Abuya
B1 Honourable Horace Owiti Ongili
B2 Agnes Nyashirati
B3 Alice Atieno
B4 Okoth Atari



symbolkid said...

great record! thank you very much!

YARG said...

pass is ylow.blogspot.com

satyr said...

great indeed! Thanks.

icastico said...

I am so excited. This is the first African record you've posted that I already have...


YARG said...

is that because you actually have, or because you downloaded it a while back at Ylow? ;) ... there's some great stuff coming up here (& there) soon (obviously, i'm still grabbing stuff from the Ylow archives to post here, but am trying to post stuff new here before it gets onto Ylow, but sometimes i just get confused & buried under lack of time!)

peace y'all ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm excited too; I made the cover art for this way back before CDs killed the joy of back-cover art, and downloads killed the joy of seeing one's name immortalised!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, thanks Yarg (always liked the cheese!). As you may already know, you can find another of his albums here:


Cheers, Dave Sez.