4 January 2009

Zulu Jive / Umbaquanga

VA - Zulu Jive / Umbaquanga

(1983) (vinyl rip)

A1 Aaron Mbambo - Selishonile Ilanga
A2 Joshua Sithole - Sedlini Thina
A3 The Rainbows - Futhi
A4 Shoba - A Sambe Siye E Goli
A5 Joshua Sithole - Uqalile Ukuba Nomona
B1 Shoba - Obaba Nxase Be Thandana
B2 Joshua Sithole - Sisi Nomdi
B3 Aaron Mbambo - Sambambha Ushemeni
B4 The Rainbows - Mashonisa
B5 Joshua Sithole - Lento Oyenza Kimi



YARG said...

pass is ylow.blogspot.com

feelit said...

Hi there YARG,
Do you know if this is the same 'Josh' Sithole, brother of Robert Sithole, that used to play for the University students. If it is there was apparently and album by him called Cecila recorded in 1984. I was never publically released, well to the best of my knowledge. He was a pretty astounding musician, and both of them were captured in a painting by Tretchikov titled, 'The Penny Whistlers' ?

YARG said...

...i have no idea whatsoever! ;) if it is correct, cheers for feeding me some info


Anonymous said...

Wonderful record. This music revitalizes the soul. Thanks a lot. Mil gracias.

ikonoklast said...
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ikonoklast said...

This has made my night! I owned both the LP and CD - a true favorite - and lost both over many miles of travel. Thank you so much. The funkiest grooves to make my heart sing. Peace.

Anonymous said...

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