22 January 2009

Dr. Fadhili William & Malaika Boys - Malaika

Dr. Fadhili William
& Malaika Boys
- Malaika

(vinyl rip)

A1 Zailai-Zailai
A2 Jifunze Mengi Ya Dunia
A3 Taxi Driver
A4 Ewe Malaika
A5 Baby I Love You
B1 Malaika
B2 Pete Ni Alama
B3 Unavyosema
B4 Nimebaki Pweke
B5 Waniua-Ua

link removed - see request in comments with link to purchase ;)


YARG said...

pass is afroslabs.blogspot.com

Fariji William said...

Afro Slabs - This album is now available for sale online at www.kentunes.com.

I would like to request that you remove the download.

Thanks Fariji

YARG said...

hi Fariji ... sorry for delay in response to your request - very busy & not checked this blog or comments for weeks! ... i have removed the link ... peace, YARG ;)

Anonymous said...

Actually, that album is not for sale on Kentunes. The album featured in the post was on the EMI label with rights now owned by AI Records, Nairobi. Since I can't hear the EMI album, I'm not 100% sure, but I think any titles that overlap with the Kentunes album are separate recordings made at a later time.