17 August 2009

Evangelist Niyi Adedokun (The Glory Singer) - Awayemalo part II (Esan Kogbogun)

Evangelist Niyi Adedokun
(The Glory Singer)
- Awayemalo part II
(Esan Kogbogun)

(1989) (vinyl rip)

A1 Esan Kogbo'ogun
A2 Ise T'olugbala Ran Mi
B1 Ore Mi Mase Kanju
B2 Don't Go Back
B3 Bia Kute Jesus _ Wa Sodo Jesu




icastico said...

My my...what a cover on this one.

Leke said...

, "icastico said...
My my...what a cover on this one."

It's an interesting cover. There's the accordion sitting right there; Adedokun used the accordion quite extensively, following the lead of another popular Gospel singer, Sola Rotimi*. The picture was probably taken in some sparsely (as is usual) furnished office or sitting room; the colour of the paint gives that all away.

Adedokun's music was something revolutionary in directly the corruption that was eating away at the country, and for a gospel/Christian singer at that. Using the medium of gospel, He took on the military government (for corruption and other crimes), the Christian Association of Nigeria (for inaction against a corrupt government) and admonished several others.

His music was as meaningful as his voice was sonorous; his messages, still relevant even today, probably changed lives: if not the military government, his own constiuency, the Christian Association of Nigeria.

* Would be really happy to find anything from Sola Rotimi, on these pages...

YARG said...

wow... thanks for all the interesting input & information .. much appreciated

peace ;)

LaoluElijah said...

Wow...i never thought i'll find his info here or on net as a matter of fact...I just tried out a google search & here it is...Niyi Adedokun is like my best Yoruba Gospel singer, I was deeply & heavily into him in d late 90s & early 00s; he was like an icon. I wasn't listening much 2 his songs again when d era of stereo tape was going extinct & I was lookin to find his songs on cd or mp3. I heard dey can be found somewhere at Oshodi in Lagos but i've promised myself to check wen m graced. God bless u Niyi Adedokun for blessing me so much.

Skimo said...

Thanks alot..appreciate

Anonymous said...

Hi from Italy !
This one looks very interesting, but the link seems not work for me...can you re-up?

Thanx anyway :-)