29 April 2009

Kakaiku's No.1 Guitar Band (led by Prof. M.K. Oppong) - Adadam Paa Hie

Kakaiku's No.1 Guitar Band
(led by Prof. M.K. Oppong)
- Adadam Paa Hie

(vinyl rip)

A1 Driver Nni Na Meware No
A2 Ohia Ma Adwendwen
A3 Adadowa Ma Yenka Ntam
A4 Adusei Se Hene Ba
A5 Odo Yede Sen Sika
A6 Minnim
B1 Dabi Mabrabo
B2 Obi Namane San Bi
B3 B4 Nyimpa Hia Na Wahia
B4 Fa Wo Ho Gyigya
B5 Ekeka Bia
B6 Ofie Ne Fie



YARG said...

pass is ylow.blogspot.com

grooVemonzter said...

This is a wonderful album. The music is just perfect. Thank you for posting. By the way, I had to experiment with a different password to get it to open. You might want to look into that.

Thanks for the great music!!

YARG said...

shite ... cheers for pointing that out! ;)

PASS IS afroslabs.blogspot.com


lovely music indeed

peace ;)

YARG said...

PASS IS afroslabs.blogspot.com

julien said...

Thank you for sharing such treasures.

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