29 March 2009

Turbo-Hits '89

Turbo-Hits '89

(vinyl rip)

label & sleeve give differing info ... i have named the tracks by what the label says, as the sleeve makes no mention of B4

A1 Moussa Haissam & Hilarion Nguema - Sida
A2 Moussa Haissam & Ben Decca - Amour A Sens Unique
A3 Toto Guillaume & Ben Decca - Tumba Longo
B1 Moussa Haissam - Ipanema
B2 Dina Bell - Dilango-Longo
B3 Hilarion Nguema - Okone Yanem
B4 Moussa Haissam & Dina Bell - Muendi Mu



YARG said...

pass is afroslabs.blogspot.com

paco13 said...

please can you post this lp



YARG said...

i may have something up my sleeve .. but it is not one of those ;)